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VER-MI-CELLI .   Tornado in Vercelli.
July 9, 2007 near Vercelli, Italy. A landspout tornado. 
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I spent 6 weeks chasing storms in May and June 2007 in Tornado Alley.

Saw lots of good ( "bad" ) weather.

Saw a few tornadoes.

However , this year there were not so many tornadoes.

And often they were either at night ( e.g. the famous Greensburg KS F-5 ), or rainwrapped.

But on June 6 I saw this very photogenic tornado in western south Dakota.

It was on the ground for almost half an hour !

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I was chasing with Gene Moore ( ) and , needless to say, I would probably not have seen it without his help. Thanks, Gene !

Below are two more images from the same tornado. The last photo shows Gene Moore in action.

Note to media : these photos are available in RAW , 8 MP.








Total Eclipse of the Moon March 3rd 2007.  
 Observed from  Satigny Geneva. Lots of clouds. Live webcast.  Here is a picture before totality. Click it for more photos .
Stats from my website on eclipse day : over a million hits ! Over 18'000 visits.




bright comet Mc Naught, January 12 2007
 after sunset from mount Salève near Geneva. It was easily seen naked-eye, and in binoculars we saw it even 10 minutes BEFORE sunset !





September 10, 2006 shortly before 8PM near Sion :
lightning in the Alps




tototal eclipse 2006 ...

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annular solar eclipse in Spain, October 3rd 2005 ...

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