2003 total solar eclipse Antarctica expedition

in November 2003 I was privileged to get invited on the icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov on a one-month cruise expedition. We left South Africa, landed on Possession Island ( Crozet archipelago) and Kerguelen. We sailed past Heard island. We landed at australia's antarctic Davis station. Then we sailed along East Antarctica and tried to see the solar eclipse near the russian Mirniy station. Sadly a band of clouds covered the sun. It was still an amazing experience. I was doing a "blog", daily updates. Audio recordings from an iridium satellite phone, sent to my brother who put them online as a journal ( you can still listen it up here ) . I also sent a few images each day, using the ship's radio room inmarsat satellite connection.

video on youtube     part 1     part 2  

here is a selection of my best images.

our icebreaker, the Kapitan Khlebnikov, in the icy bay of Davis station.


our icebreaker in pack ice near East Antarctica. I took this photo from one of our helicopters.


an Adelie penguin looks at antarctic paparazzi...


our ship during the total eclipse. dark skies above, horizon was stunning yellow-green.

stunning yellow-green horizon during the total eclipse

total solar eclipse november 22/23 2003 near Mirny , East Antarctica, through clouds.



here I am dancing wiht an Adelie penguin. this photo taken by Luigi Boschin.


Adelie penguins and our icebreaker at Davis station



french expedition member Fred Forot amongst hundred thousand King penguins at Kerguelen island.


Big Ben, active volcano at Heard island, was smoking.


Kerguelen island king penguins


two emperor penguins in front of a blue iceberg


same blue iceberg with some of our folks


king penguin, Kerguelen island


young elefant seals , Kerguelen island


king penguin


faint solar halo


king penguin youngster

great looking band of clouds

icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov

young elefant seal. note my mirror image reflecting in his eye !

Heard Island

expedition members walking on pack ice.