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violin fiddler tornado

Tornado near Rozel, Kansas, May 18, 2013
TWiSTERfiDDler       Venti, vidi, amati.  The Wind, I saw, I loved.

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Tornado with lightning

Monument Valley Navajoland. Ennio Morricone, Once Upon a Time in the West.

Plan A : live a normal life.    
Plan B : play violin in front of a tornado.
This page is about Plan B.


playing in front of a tornado-warned supercell - video

Twisterfiddler is now back from Tornado Alley USA ...
but the chase goes on in Europe's Tornado Alley - Italy !

Devil's Tower


Chased storms in the Great Plains of the U.S.A. from mid-May to early July, almost 2 months. Saw several tornadoes. Supercells. Horseshoe vortices. Dust Devils. Dust storms.  A Haboob. Hurricane-force winds. Lightning. Hail. All kinds of storms and weather. Played a lot of violin. Played violin in windy conditions. Played violin in Monument Valley, in Antelope Canyon, at the VLA, in front of a horse, in front of Old Faithful geysir , at White Sands and Devil's Tower  and in Moscow KS and many other places. But failed to play violin in front of a tornado. The tornadoes I saw either had too much rain/hail/lightning for me to safely step out of the car without risking to damage my violin. Or the tornado was rainwrapped and not visible, or at night. Or the storms were moving too fast . Or there was too much traffic. Or the tornado-warned storm did not produce a tornado despite obvious strong visible rotation.Or the storm went outflow dominant before a tornado could form.  Or the police closed the road that was leading to the tornado.  Or I was chasing with the wrong people who chose a wrong target.  Or I stopped chasing to help friends with flat tires or stuck in mud. Or I chose not to corepunch that huge hail because I respected my rental car too much . Or I decided to not go after that storm because it was too far from that landmark I wanted to film a storm at. So many reasons .

Sunset at White Sands , New Mexico

But bottom line : it ain't easy to play violin in front of a tornado.

And when it gets really windy, that violin bow either flies away and you can't hold it steady on the strings...
or it presses too strongly on the strings, depending  on what side of the wind you're at.
Well nobody said it would be easy...

However I can still try. The U.S. is not the only place for tornadoes. Summer and fall can bring a lot of storms in Italy and often with rotating updrafts or supercells or mesocyclones ... Tornadoes , waterspouts, tornadic waterspouts and landspouts happen occasionnally in and around Italy. I have personnally seen several tornadoes and waterspouts in Italy. And in the heartland of the italian tornado alley lies the City of Cremona in Italy..... Cremona is the world's headquarter for violinmakers. Amati, Stradivari,  Guarneri lived here. Maybe northern Italy is where I will succeed in playing violin in front of a tornado ?  I'll give it a try.  Tornadoes and Violins. It has to be Italy !   ;-)
An all-new violin museum is to open in Cremona on September 14. I plan to be there.

also, I have shot tons of FHD 1080p video in Tornado Alley and will now need a few months to edit a full movie. This will keep me busy for some time.

Yellowstone. Geysir. Old Faithful. Sunset. O Sole Mio
Next spring 2014 I'll probably chase in Tornado Alley USA again.  But for now, let's head for Italy whenever we can. I live in the swiss Alps and have to work occasionnally to pay the bills, but whenever possible in the next couple of months I will pursue my challenge :
Fiddle in front of a twister.

Stay tuned. Hang on. It's gonna get windy !

U.S. national anthem inside Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon - teaser footage
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For your viewing and listening pleasure, some of the videos will be with stereo sound and wind filter, in FHD 1080p, best enjoyed on large screen with fast connection.
A few videos may be mute ( no sound ).  Some images and / or videos may be in black-and-white instead of colour. ( rainbows will be in colour )
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A certain spirit of humour may be embedded here and there.
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To err is human, to forgive is divine.
Carpe Diem.

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Russian National Anthem in Moscow, Kansas

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TWiSTERfiDDLER  Venti, vidi, amati.

at the VLA . Listen to the music...

sunset at White Sands, New Mexico

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