Klipsi's icebreaker voyage to the North Pole , late July 2008

part 1. Northbound

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our-icebreaker-50-years-of-victory        meeting-another-icebreaker

july-22-into-the-ice       first-ice-near-franzjosefland

polar-bear-july-23       deeper-into-the-ice-july-23

stopped-in-ice-and-fog-july-23         chopper

flightseeing-july-24        still-going-north


July 20. Murmansk monument in honour of the soldiers of WWII


a church in Murmansk, Russia


tugboat pulling our nuclear icebreaker, the "50 Years of Victory" in Murmansk


sailing past other icebreakers, including the famous "Yamal"


leaving Murmansk, heading north....


July 21, meeting icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov at sea, it returns from 3-weeks northeast passage expedition


our helicopter, and the icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov


shooting at an icebreaker


Day 2 in the morning. No ice yet.... but soon...


first small icebergs... south of Franz-Josef-Land




July 23 early morning, surprise .... Polar bear !










in the ice.... and lots of fog ...



lots of ice around....


our icebreaker in the ice, as seen from helicopter


inside helicopter



icebreaker "50 Years of Victory" in action

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